v4bl – Blacklisting 529 Million negativ gelistete IPs und extrem falschv4bl – Blacklisting 529 Million blacklisted IPs and high positive faults

v4bl Blacklisten mit hoher Fehler-Rate – blockt 528.000.000 IP – Adressen von möglichen 4.294.967.296 IP-Adressen, wobei von diesen 4295 Millionen-IP-Adressen wahrscheinlich nur 30 % Server sind, was dann 1.431.655.165 IP-Adressen sind – also blockt diese Blackliste 36 % aller Server! Wir haben kalkuliert, daß diese eine Fehlerrate von 25 % haben (positive faults) und haben jetzt auch noch gefunden, daß eine andere Website über eine Fehlerrate von 44,08 % berichtet – siehe auf inps.de!

Die Delisting-Procedure ist „heavy“, die Administratoren von v4bl spielen Gott mit der Welt und es gibt sehr viele, die echte Schwierigkeiten haben, ihre IPs delistet zu bekommen!

Wir warnen daher alle, diese Blacklisten zu verwenden!

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v4bl Blacklists with high positive faults – they block 528.000.000 IP – Adresses from 4.294.967.296 IP-Adresses, where from the 4295 Million-IP-Adresses posible only 30 % servers, so thats 1.431.655.165 IP-Adresses – they block also 36 % of servers! We have calculated that they have 25 % failures (positive faults) and we found too on an other site, they have a higher rate 44,08 % – look on inps.de!

The delisting procedure is heavy, their administrators play gott with the world and everybody has big problems to delist their IPs!

About all, we warn everybody to use this blacklists!

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8 Gedanken zu „v4bl – Blacklisting 529 Million negativ gelistete IPs und extrem falschv4bl – Blacklisting 529 Million blacklisted IPs and high positive faults

  1. V4BL.org is run by Rudy Gomez out of his house at 14060 SW 106 ST Miami , FL 33186-3133 running over a Comcast broadband connection. He attempts to hide his identity by never mentioning his name and using a PO Box as his address. He e-mails from a gmail account! Who running a blacklist would e-mail using gmail and expect to be considered legit? The hosting company is supposedly Internet Defense Systems (www.internetdefensesystems.com), but there’s just a page with a few lines that links back to Rudy’s blacklist site. If you look at the HTML, he has no idea what he’s doing. His e-mail responses make no sense and he’s clearly attempting to have as many IPs listed as possible in his list. I think his scam is having the google ads and attempting to build revenue from the traffic. No one should use this blacklist. There’s one service called JustSpam.org run out of the Middle East which has no contact info that includes Rudy’s v4bl.org, so that service too should not be used as long as they include v4bl.org.

    1. Thanks Darryl for this informations! We have doe something for a delisting. In other blacklist not a problem, but in this v4bl.org a never ending story. So we can tell only all, make a claim via the FBI IC3 – why this is a crime, when they list your IPs black, when you self never send Spam!

  2. I was listed on this one about 6 months ago, their admins are complete idiots and do not honor delist requests, they asked me to send the delist request from a FQDN (which I did several times) they didn´t delist anything, you can reach them via twetter or Facebook and is the same, maybe they are just kids with power.

    1. Dear Benjamin,

      yes v4bl-blacklist and their admins are very horribles! Thanks for your comment

      1awww.com – Internet-Service-Provider

      Detlef Bracker

  3. V4BL is a scam.

    It is designed to generate a high number of hits on their site from different IPS and they live off the ads.

    Nobody actually uses it as a black list (unless they want to lose half of their incoming mail) so it does not matter if you are listed or not.

  4. They block whole AS ranges from big providers so that they have to delist every single IP address. This is how they get valid NOC email addresses and use it for spamming later. The owner of just spam.org is simply a spammer and email collector by itself.

    1. Dear Rüdi Töni,

      ok, then you have not an other chance as to create for every delisting blacklist a new mail address and forward them,
      to your normal mail address. When you get then later spam, you can see, witch company has devide your mail addresses
      and ok yes, we must then devide this blacklists and companies, they make this trouble!

      The problem is in moment, that the police stations are not direct communicate with other police stations in other countries!
      To stop the internet crime, the polices must work more together! Thats the only way to stop all internet crime!

      1awww.com – Internet-Service-Provider

      Detlef Bracker

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