Plesk server: Slight price increase

Server customers who use on your servers Plesk, learn inkluse Plesk license on the server only a slight price increase! This is between approx. 1% and 7%. Reason is, as described in the article "HAMMER: PLESK has increased the prices of over 50%" described the electoral term and unfair price increase by Plesk by over 50% to some 60%!

In addition, most of our customers insert the WebPresenter! The WebPresenter itself was not increased in price!

We match customers with servers and individual licenses prices this also attenuated single licenses (approx. 3%) on!

NO price increase is for webspace customers, on our shared hosting Plesk servers (pl * server) hosting!

The price changes apply to new orders down immediately! For servers incl. We fit license and licenses for 1awww servers, the price change from 1.12. on!

Price list for Plesk servers

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