CAUTION: Kaspersky enables tracking (Super-COOKIE)

Kaspersky - Security may be under threat - WARNING - Tracking across all pages even in secret mode

For many years we have recommended Kaspersky as the best protection of your computer! Unfortunately, we have to withdraw this recommendation completely due to this intentionally or at least grossly negligently built-in safety leak!

UNIDENTIFIED: KASPERSKY modifies the received HTML/JAVASCRIPT code of ALL web pages, also in “secret mode” and adds its own code, but with a UNIQUE ID of your computer! Because this unique ID was assigned only once to identify exactly your computer, ALL website providers who have designed to read this ID could track it completely, so uniquely identify (person-accurate)! This is or was possible on websites where you have specifically prohibited tracking or on websites that you have accessed in the Icognito or secret page area of the browser and this is not only limited to one browser, but to all! Yes, even across VPN! This ID corresponds to a super cookie!

Also the deletion of cookies etc. did nothing at all, because the ID always remained the same! Whether users moved to sites in secret mode or established secret connections to special company computers, all could be tracked via this ID, even when transmitted via VPN!

In principle, KASPERSKY has data protection (GDPR) etc. completely eliminated with this programming and made users trackable across all borders, whether consciously or unconsciously!

Kaspersky has already hit the headlines many times with speculation that they may be able to do so. the Russian secret service. So far, however, all rumours have always been dismissed and espionage towards Russia has not yet been proved! But why Kaspersky has built in a code here, with a unique ID that allows tracking across the board, is either deliberate or extremely grossly negligent and stupid than the police allow! In any case, K
aspersky wanted to recognize for itself who the user of the unique ID is, just as Kaspersky would have wanted to explain itself (statement CT)! And from our point of view, this is already a sufficient violation of the GDPR, as Kaspersky’s callers/users have not been informed!

This data leak was published in the registry for vulnerable software at CVE-2019-8286 and a corresponding warning from the BSI was also issued!

One of the last updates changed the behavior that a code is still being injected into the web pages, but this is now with the same ID (FD126C42-EBFA-4E12-B309-BB3FDD723AC1) that prevents tracking! Nevertheless, the installation of scripts that change the original websites is already in our opinion to be considered very problematic, especially for website developers in trouble

shooting! In principle, Kaspersky is involved in the protected traffic of HTTPS and changed the transmitted data, which often ended a problem with the certificates and ad errors. That’s what you call “Man in the Middle”! This should serve security here! Kaspersky is supposed to monitor traffic and provide protection here, but we have to consider the change of this data to be very dubious and we should not allow this under any circumstances!

We also show all website providers that we use Kaspersky ourselves, which makes us vulnerable, namely to target an attack precisely on Kaspersky’s software and that this is possible, we have already learned in the past, e.g. automatic scripts in Office files for MS Office packages, etc. smuggled in!

There is a workaround, (you will find a link here later – so come back in 2-3 hours) to prevent this change in the code of the received websites. Whether this is the ideal method or it is even better to uninstall Kaspersky completely and to refrain from using it in the future, remains to be seen! Many specialists claim that the security software (Windows Defender) built into By Microsoft from Windows 10 is already so secure that the use of installed software solutions can no longer provide additional security and the operation of the computer is more likely to be makes you more insecure!

But we are also aware that Microsoft has installed so many backdoors for many years and the NSA etc. also tricked so much about it, which could also be attacked and where customers who had used Kaspersky were better protected! It has not yet been proven that Kaspersky products have seriously stolen data! But allowing tracking in this way was a violation of the privacy policy and should be condemned as such. From our side, Kaspersky has lost a lot of trust and therefore we can no longer recommend the use! Whether you want to uninstall it or still use it as additional protection, you really should consider! But at least you should use the described workaround and prevent the change of the website code!

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