BREXIT – UK no RIGHT on EU domains

EU domains and Brexit

BREXIT – According to the latest information from the EU Registry (EURid) from 09. September 2019, UK companies and UK private individuals no longer have the right to EU domains and can no longer register new EU domains and for existing ones, the domain resolution (domain – DNS) will be published no later than 1 January. January 2020 and was discontinued on 1 January 2020. November 2020 cancelled / deleted!

If you have registered an EU domain as a citizen/company with a country code GB or GI, you can however contact the 1st November 2019, the BREXIT date without a deal, transfer his domain to another owner who is based in one of the 27 EU countries or is an EU citizen and is allowed to reside anywhere in the world!

It is also possible to: to apply for a trustee with the perception and management of its domains! Cu

stomers from GB/GI are automatically contacted by the registry so that they can take care of the timely adjustments! IMPORTANT: If

you as a GB/GI citizen/company do not take care of the timely conversion /transfer, you have to reckon with the loss of his domain, because he has from the 1st. January 2020 no longer has the right to own an EU domain!

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